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Illinois Campground Recommendations

Find the best campsites in the Midwest using our state and county guides! We’ve scoured the earth and sifted through the rubble to find the most unique state parks, county campgrounds, family-run RV park, and leisurely glamping experiences for you and your family to enjoy the summer sun, fall breeze, or crisp winter air.

Focused around counties in the midwest, our campground recommendations and state park guides can save you the trouble of hours of research to even tell if the RV park allows tent camping! You’re already one step closer to the best camping near Chicago!

Latest Campsite Recommendations

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Gear Guides

There’s nothing more important than high-quality gear when it’s all that stands between you and the elements. We focus on finding gear with great value – something that won’t break the bank or while you’re out on the trail!

We focus on providing you the best information to purchase and avoid making individual product recommendations to help you arrive at the right tent and other equipment for your exact needs.

Latest Gear Guides

4 Tent Brands to Avoid

When buying a tent, be sure to avoid these tent brands to keep you safe from the elements on your explorations outdoors (and avoid waking up in a puddle)! These tent brands to avoid may not hold up to the stresses of the rain and wind so opt for one of our recommended brands instead! … Read more

10 Best Tent Brands for Camping

When buying a tent, choosing from one of the best tent brands is important to keep you safe from the elements on your explorations outdoors (and avoid waking up in a puddle)! Overview How to Select the Best Tent Brand for You Type of Tent There are a few types of tents to select from, … Read more

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday are great times to pick up some new camping gear as retailers look to offload end-of-season inventory and take advantage of the busiest shopping day of the year! We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for finding the best outdoor camping deals for this holiday season so you can find … Read more

Midwest Camping Blog

We want to spread everything we know so that you don’t learn the hard way (like we did)! In our blog, you’ll find packing lists and other tips for a smooth trip outside our county-focused campground recommendations!

Latest Blog Posts

12 Fun Things to Bring to a Cabin

If the weather gets bad or you want to spend a day out of the snow, these fun things to bring to a cabin will keep you entertained for days during your frozen getaway! After you finish with the rest of your cabin camping packing list, use any extra room to pack in some fun … Read more

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Games are a pivotal part of staving off family boredom during camping trips so we’ve reminisced on the best outdoor games for camping so you can make the next generation of great memories in the wild. Introduction Best Outdoor Games for Camping Growing up in the Midwest, there was nothing I enjoyed more than a … Read more