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Illinois Campground Recommendations

Find the best campsites in the midwest using our state and county guides! We’ve scoured the earth and sifted through the rubble to find the most unique state parks, county campgrounds, family-run RV park, and leisurely glamping experiences for you and your family to enjoy the summer sun, fall breeze, or crisp winter air.

Focused around counties in the midwest, our campground recommendations, and state park guides can save you the trouble of hours of research to even tell if the RV park allows tent camping! You’re already one step closer to the best camping near Chicago!

Latest Campsite Recommendations

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Gear Guides

There’s nothing more important than high-quality gear when it’s all that stands between you and the elements. We focus on finding gear with great value – something that won’t break the bank or while you’re out on the trail!

Dive into our gear guides to find the best tents, tent stoves, and ultralight specific gear recommendations!

Latest Gear Guides

  • 5 Best Open Fire Griddles | Serve Up a Diner Breakfast Fireside
    How do you go about choosing the best open fire griddle? What factors should you consider? What are some of the best options on the market? To make your decision-making and buying process easier, we made this buyer’s guide that tells you everything you need to know about buying an open fire griddle. Through this … Read more
  • Best Open Fire Cooking Skillet | 3 Best for Campfire Cooking
    Cooking over an open fire exposes your skillet to high heat and tough soot – requiring the right materials to make a delicious meal during your next trip! This buying guide takes all the important factors one needs to consider before buying a skillet for campfire cooking. We have also included our four favorite options … Read more
  • Best Open Fire Cooking Pots | 4 Best Pots for Campfire Cooking
    Avoid ruining your kitchen cookware by using quality open fire cooking pots that stand up to the heat! When you’re cozied up around the fire at your favorite campsite, the last thing you won’t worry about is messing up dinner because you brought the wrong pots and pans! Not all pots can hold up against … Read more


We want to spread everything we know so that you don’t learn the hard way (like we did)! In our blog, you’ll find campground reviews, year-end roundups, and more curated lists outside our county-focused campground recommendations!

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