5 Foolproof & Secure Camping Grill Baskets

Grill Baskets are a tried and true method to grill almost any food over the open fire. We’ve collected the best camping grill baskets on Amazon for you to make the perfect chicken, fish, grilled cheese, roast veggies, and more next time you’re in the woods!






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Grillsome Grill Basket

Best Camping Grill Basket

  • Offers 120+ sq inches of grill space

  • Segmented into three sections for grilling multiple types of meat or veggies

  • Longer handle length than other baskets

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Cattlegrill Foldable Grill Basket

Best Non-Segmented Basket

  • Non-segmented design allows for grilling large amounts of any food type

  • 105 sq inches of grill space

  • Weighs under 2 lbs

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Jesdoo BBQ Grill Basket

Best Value Grill Basket

  • Offers smallest amount of grill space at 105 sq inches

  • Lightweight at only 1.4 lbs

  • Lower price than other baskets

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Wolfwise Portable (Medium)

Lightest Camping Grill Basket

  • Only 1.2 lbs

  • 107 sq inches of grill space

  • Typical 11 inch handle

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Wolfwise Portable (Large)

Largest Camping Grill Basket

  • Eye boggling 173 sq inches of grill space

  • Weighs just a hair above 2 lbs

  • May be heavy with standard 11 inch handle

What to Consider When Buying Camping Grill Baskets


Pretty much all of the grill baskets you’ll see on this list are going to be made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to rust (but not impervious) and high heats. The heat resistence is high enough that you should have a very difficult time pushing it past the breaking (or melting) point but still take care to cook the food well above flame or near embers to avoid burning everything!

The other type of camping grill basket is non-stick coated stainless steel. These cannot be used over 400 degrees fareinheit so take care on the size of the fire you’re using if you opt for one. These may be easier to clean but we prefer not to take the risk and just stick to the stainless steel grill baskets for open fire cooking.

Locking Mechanism

All of the grill baskets on this list have a sliding buckle lock mechanism. In this locking type, an oval metal slide is used to slide either on or off of the two baskets when pressed together. These are fairly easy to handle with oven mitts or a towel since you’ll be unlocking after the baskets come out of the fire.

Grilling Space

Grilling space is going to be the most important factor if you’re cooking for more than just yourself. Manufacturer recommendations are all over the place on what you can cook in what sized space, so we’ve calculated the grilling area available on each of these grill baskets to make it easier for you. This will depend heavily on if you plan to cook both meat and vegetables in the same basket for example, or just cook meat and then make the sides elsewhere. Assuming you’re only using the grill baskets for one element of your meal, we would recommend the following guidelines:

Number of ServingsTarget Area (in2)
1 – 2< 100
2 – 3100 – 150
4 +150 +


As with any camping equipment, weight is going to matter but with these grill baskets you’ll barely care! These camping grill baskets are highly portable, perfect for ultralight backpacking or living off the land by grilling fish while backpacking. All of the grill baskets weigh about two pounds or less – the harder part is going to be finding the space for them!

For car campers, you’ll barely notice the extra couple pounds compared to a larger non-stick grill basket meant for your home weber.

Grill Basket Handle Lenth

If you’re worried about getting your hands near the fire at all, take a close look at the different handle lengths. We’ve found that grillsome makes the grill basket with the longest handle, while the majority of other players in the space use an 11 inch handle. Those three inches may matter to you if you’re just starting out in open fire cooking!

1. Grillsome Grill Basket

Best Camping Grill Basket

The grillsome grill basket has a unique segmented design that makes it simple to separate different flavors or types of foods for the whole family. Featuring three deep spaces, this grill basket has the longest handle of any on our list, over a foot of stainless steel separating you from the flames. The grill basket includes two grilling mats to ensure that small foods cannot fall between the grates, as well as a basting brush.

The basket itself has about 120 square inches of grill space – which should be enough for between two and three people typically. When all is said and done, stow the handle inside the basket and toss it in with the rest of your kitchen supplies!

2. Cattlegrill Foldable Grill Basket

Best Unsegmented Camping Grill Basket

The Cattlegrill foldable camping grill basket is a great option for those who do not want the segmented design of our number one pick. With 126 square inches of grill space, this grill basket is almost the same size as grillsome, but without those pocketed spaces to separate foods. This should give you a bit more real estate to work with when you consider the vertical space that is gained from not separating the basket into thirds.

The Cattlegrill basket comes with one basting brush and grill mat, only one mat less than the grillsome basket. Besides that, the only other downside is that the basket handle is about two and a half inches shorter than the grillsome basket. This still means that the Cattlegrill has our longest unsegmented camping grill basket handle and has over a foot of length to work with.

3. Jesdoo BBQ Grill Basket

Best Value Grill Basket

The Jesdoo BBQ grill basket is perfect for a first timer trying their hand at open fire grilling. With a lower price than most of the other options, the Jesdoo also has a smaller grill space than our other picks. Rocking an 11 inch handle, this is a very standard grill basket through and through. What sets Jesdoo apart is that their kit comes with a carrying case to help keep the grill basket clean no matter where you camp!

4 & 5. Wolfwise Portable Grilling Basket (Medium & Large)

Wolfwise Medium | Lightest Camping Grill Basket

Wolfwise Large | Largest Camping Grill Basket

The Wolfwise medium & large grilling baskets offer both our lightest and largest grill baskets. Both options have an 11 inch handle and come with a basting brush (but no grill mat). The Medium option weighs in at an eye popping 1.2 pounds, almost half of the Grillsoem and cattle grill folding. The medium option is even lighter than the Jesdoo BBQ grill basket by about 2/10 of a pound, despite offering a slightly larger surface area.

The larger option offers 173 square inches of grilling space along with a height of 1.4 inches. This is by far the largest grilling basket so make sure you have enough to fill it!


Grill baskets are perfect for grilling vegetables, meats, fish, or even quesadillas and paninis! We hope you were able to find one that fit your needs above.

Looking for a kettle to go with your new grill basket? Check out our open fire kettle guide or make the perfect cup of coffee alongside your fresh grilled sausages using these ultralight coffe makers! Ready for your trip and just need the right place to go? Our county camping guides have you covered!

Drop us a line if you don’t see your favorite camping grill basket above!

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