3 Light & Ultralight Titanium Tent Stoves to Keep You Warm

When it comes to choosing an ultralight backpacking stove that lets you live off the land AND stay warm, titanium tent stoves are the way to go! We’ve scoured the market to find the four best lightweight stoves to keep the weight low and the heat high!


Winnerwall Fastfold

NoEnName_Null Ultralight Wood Stove

Danchel Outdoor Ultralight Titanium Stove

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Largest Ultralight Stove

Ultralight Stove with the Tallest Chimney

Another Great Ultralight Stove





Firebox Size

945 cubic inches

804 cubic inches

788 cubic inches

Chimney Diameter

3 inches

2.5 inches

2.4 inches

Chimney Height(s)

9 ft

6.5 / 8.2 / 9.8 ft

8.2 ft


4 lbs

3.55 lbs

3.55 lbs

What to Consider When Buying Titanium Tent Stoves

Firebox Size

One of the more obvious factors is going to be the firebox size. The firebox is the portion of the stove that everything is burned in. Naturally, the size of the stove is going to affect how much material you can put into the firebox – which impacts how much heat can be generated. That said, bigger does not always mean better. Larger stoves are going to be heavier, and burning hotter means you’ll need far more material. It would be more important to try to meet your needs instead of just going for the largest available.

Chimney Height

Chimney heights are going to be your best bet in protecting your tent from any potential sparks popping out the top. Safety is always a priority when sleeping near fire so be sure that you’re comfortable with the height and that you always use a sparkcap!


As with any camping and backpacking gear, weight is a huge factor in selecting the right ultralight titanium tent stove! We’ve included primarily titanium tent stoves for hot tents but there is also one pick meant to be the lightest weight possible to get cookin’! Why go for titanium? Titanium is the lightest weight metal with the melting point required to burn wood and cook food safely.

1. Winnerwall Fastfold

Best & Largest Ultralight Titanium Stove

With a firebox of over 900 inches cubed, the Winnerwall is the largest ultralight stove on the market. It has the second highest chimney of those that we’ve reviewed which should keep almost any tent safe in the winds with the fire roaring. Weighing in at four pounds, the stove is only about half a pound heavier than the comparable, smaller titanium stoves further down this list.

Overall, the Winnerwall is a reliable stove that won’t damage your tent or leave you in the cold when used properly – For more information, click the link below!

2. NoEnName_Null Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove

Tallest Backpacking Stove Chimney

The NoEnName_Null Titanium Wood Stove has a lot of versatility you can select from. I can’t make heads or tails of their brandname but the product works! The unique thing about this stove, in addition to the carrying case the stove comes with, is the optional side glass plate. This glass side allows for an expanded view into the firebox to help ensure everything is burning right. This titanium tent stove also comes with multiple chimney height options, from 6.5 ft all the way up to the tallest we’ve seent – 9.8 ft! This is definitely the backpacking tent stove for tall tents!

3. Danchel Outdoor Ultralight Titanium Stove

Another Great Ultralight Titanium Stove

The Danchel Ultralight Titanium Tent Stove is a three and a half pound wood burning stove with an 8.2 ft chimney. Similar to the other tent stoves on here, the Danchel stove folds up into a smaller stove kit that can be carried as far as you can take it! Given its smaller firebox size, we mostly recommend the Danchel titanium tent stove if other models are all sold out. Take a look below for more information!

Titanium Tent Stove Tips

  • Spend time getting to know your stove before you need to use it in the cold for the first time
  • Stick to small wood for a consistent, hot, & manageable burn
  • Ensure you have at least two full feet of clearance around the stove on all sides to prevent burns or anything from catching fire – Put the stove in the center for safety and the best heat distribution!
  • Regularly check the interior near the stove and exterior near the chimney for burn marks or damaged materials


These three tent stoves will keep you toasty all through winter – as long as you can find enough small sticks to keep it up! If you have a favorite titanium tent stove that we haven’t covered here, please let us know!

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