5 Powerful Triple Burner Camp Stoves

When the little coleman propane stove isn’t enough, set up these triple burner camp stoves to harness up to 165,000 BTU to feed an army, large family, or boy scout troop! Take a look at our purchasing guide and top five triple burner camp stoves below!


Outland Portable Camping Stove

3 Burner Angle Iron Stove

Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker

Tahoe Deluxe 3

CS42 Portable Propane Stove

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Concord Cookware

Camp Chef

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What to Consider When Buying a Triple Burner Camp Stove


As with any camping equipment, you know you’ll be lugging it back and forth between the car and your campsite more than once! Every pound counts when it comes to how your back will feel on the way home. While all of the triple burner camp stoves on this list will deconstruct a little to be easier to move around, only our top pick, the Outland Portable Camping Stove has wheels embedded to help on flatter surfaces!

Burner Power

British Thermal Units, or BTU, are the measurement units used to represent the power your burners can produce. Normal home stoves hover between 7,000 and 12,000 BTU while the stoves on this list top out all the way at 55,000; with three burners running, that’s 165,000 of cooking power! While higher BTU usually indicates more power, that isn’t going to be useful unless the stove is well protected against the wind and able to transfer that heat to your pans.


If you plan on using these stoves outdoors, you’ll inevitably have to contend with the wind at some point. Wind is going to cause trouble when trying to use the stoves at low heat (such as to simmer or keep dishes warm) by potentially blowing the flame out, or whisking that needed heat away to places other than your pans!

Keep an eye on which stoves have enclosed heating areas and incorporated wind barriers, such as the Outland Portable or Tahoe Deluxe in the table above to keep that heat trapped in for you!

1. Outland Portable Camping Stove

Best Triple Burner Camp Stove

The Outland Portable Camping Stove is the best pick of any triple burner camp stove on the market. The stove features wide side panels for extra space for the chef, wheels to make transportation a breeze, and an incorporated wind barrier. With a combined 90,000 BTU, this stove should be up to handle almost any kitchen task.

That extra wind sheathing does come with a downside – this stove is about ten pounds heavier than the next heaviest on our list. The wheels should help keep that weight off your shoulders at least.

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2. 3 Burner Angle Iron Stove

Lightest Triple Burner Camp Stove

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If the weight of the Outland Portable concerns you – Try Basecamp’s 3 Burner Angle Iron Stove! At only 11 and three-quarter pounds, this is over forty pounds lighter than the Outland. The tradeoff that comes with such portability is lower power, a lack of any wind guard, legs to stand upon, and other accessories. If you really need the lightest possible materials and are comfortable cooking on a shorter surface, Basecamp’s stove is your best bet for your gumbo, coffee & breakfast sandwiches, or other tasty treats!

3. Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker

Best Value Triple Burner Camp Stove

For the car camper that isn’t ready to drop two hundred dollars and still wants some legs to stand on, the Concord Cookware triple burner stove will give you high power, at under $150*! With 55,000 BTU per burner, this stove should have enough punch to cook even your largest stockpot.

*Last Updated December 10, 2020

4. Tahoe Deluxe 3

Larger Camp Stove

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The Taho Deluxe 3 has the most design character out of any other triple burner camp stove that we’ve seen on the market and it earns some credit just for that in our book! Outside of the aesthetics, the stove offers similar power to the Outland Portable and includes a wind guard to help focus the 90,000 in combined BTU that the three burners provide. The last thing we’ll mention is the matchless ignition, making the Tahoe Deluxe 3 even more perfect for particularly windy days!

5. CS42 Portable Propane Stove

Minimalist Triple Burner Camp Stove

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The King Kooker CS42 is perfect for anyone looking for a no-frills no-fuss triple burner camp stove. At only 37 pounds, this stove is ten pounds lighter than the Tahoe Deluxe, and twenty pounds lighter than the Outland but still includes a windscreen! The lack of an enclosed burn area is compensated by a 54k BTU output per burner (162k BTU in total)


The best stove for you is going to be dependent on where you camp and how you cook but for the majority of campers, the Outland Portable Camping Stove is going to provide enough cooking area, wind protection, prep space, portability, and thermal power for your next trip!

Found your stove? Get cooking with great camping kettles, grills baskets, or coffeemakers using our other gear guides!

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