Best Camping Kitchen with a Windscreen | 4 Fantastic Choices in 2021

Portable camping kitchens are a great way to give yourself space when making more than soup in the great outdoors! The best camping kitchen with a windscreen that can be delivered right to your door is waiting for you below!


Giantex Outdoor Cooking Table

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Camp Chef Camp Table

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SylvanSport Camp Kitchen System

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Giantex Folding Camping Table

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Best Value Camping Kitchen with a Windscreen

Best Minimalist Camp Table

Largest Camping Kitchen with a Windscreen

Best Value Large Camping Kitchen


Two-Tier Shelving

Side Tables Sold Separately

Two-Tier Shelving & Side Tables

Two-Tier Shelving & Side Tables




Aluminum & Bamboo

Fibreboard & Steel

Main Surface Prep Area

825 sq in

608 sq in

760 sq in

416 sq in


19 Lbs

28 Lbs

45 Lbs

27.5 Lbs

What to Consider Selecting the Best Camping Kitchen (with a windscreen)


Each of the camping kitchens we’ve included on this list have a windscreen because we think its vital that the main prep or cooking area be protected. During windy days is exactly when you’ll want to be able to rely on your trusty camp kitchen to keep your dutch oven at a steady heat, provide another layer of wind protection for your propane stove, or just stop the vegetables from blowing off the cutting board!

Preparation Area

The primary benefit of a camping kitchen is the amount of space they are able to add to your campground to chop vegetables, make coffee, or whip up some morning stovetop eggs! Most of the camping kitchens on this list have some kind of extension to the main setup if you need even more space. Check out the table above to find the best camping kitchen space for you. If you’re not sure what you need, the table below provides some handy references:

ItemArea (sq in)
Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove300
10-inch Skillet78
12-inch Cast Iron Dutch Oven113
Size Comparison Table


The majority of these camping kitchens are built with a combination of steel frame and steel or other materials like bamboo or heavy plastic for the horizontal prep surfaces. The material you choose may impact the maintence requirements – For example, bamboo is more liekly to splinter than a stainless steel countertop if accidentally left in the rain a few too many times.


If you’re car camping, weight may not be a critical factor but for primitive campers and backpackers, every ounce counts. When you’re hauling every bit of supplies out to the site, a pound over a mile or three will really add up! If weight is a concern, consider going for our top pick, the Giantix cooking table, which weighs in at almost ten pounds lighter than the next best option! Either way, camping kitchens with a windscreen or without one are going to be too heavy to take backpacking.

1. Giantix Outdoor Cooking Table

Best Value / THE Best Camping Kitchen with a Windscreen


The Giantix Outdoor Cooking Table offers a large horizontal surface and secured extra storage space in a fairly small, light container! This camping kitchen has a steel windscreen, two shelves that effectively triples your total horizontal space added, and can be deconstructed into an easy to carry bag to take between your car and campsite as many times as you need.

The shelving area is secured through a zipper and fabric exterior. The front of this area is a screen material ensuring that you and your friends or family will be able to easily see the contents inside.

2. Camp Chef Camp Table

Best Minimalist Camp Table

If you’re just looking for a flat surface that is higher off the ground and easier on your back – the Camp Chef Camp Table is the perfect solution. Containing the bare minimum of needs, this camp table comes with a windscreen, legs, and flat surface to set hot dutch ovens or propane stoves upon. If this isn’t enough area for you, consider the flashy red side tables sold separately through Camp Chef.


With over 600 square inches of area, there is plenty of room for two cast iron dutch ovens, plus the chimney and area to create the coal bed! No more do you need to stoop down into the dirt to check on your stews and delicious desserts – keep everything waist high with the Camp Chef Camp Table.

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Best Minimalist Camp Table

3. SylvanSport Camp Kitchen System

Best Camping Kitchen with a Windscreen for Large Groups

If the Camp Chef seems too simplistic, the SylvanSport Camp Kitchen System packs in more features than we ever thought possible! In addition to the Midwest Camping Mandatory Windscreen, this kitchen includes a collapsible sink, adjustable storage cubbies, a trash bag holder, two layers of shelves, and a few hooks hanging off the small side table to round it all out.

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Beyond the robust feature package, the SylvanSport kitchen system is built with bamboo countertops, giving this the best of the best camp kitchen with a windscreen design award! This stove also features our largest prep area, and that’s before taking the side table into account.

If budget is no problem, SylvanSport will cover your every need and elevate your camping kitchen into a full camping kitchen *system*.

4. Giantex Folding Camping Table

Best Value Large Camping Kitchen

For larger groups that want the space of the SylvanSport without breaking the bank, the Giantex Folding Camping Table is your best camping kitchen with a windscreen!

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Featuring similar a zipper and mesh system as the Giantex Outdoor Cooking Table (our top pick), this is effectively two Outdoor Cooking Tables with some metal shelving inserted in between. This creates a significant amount of new space, at a significantly better value than the SylvanSport!

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Best Value Large Camping Kitchen


When you’re looking to start preparing the chopped onions for dinner, while everyone else plays cards at the picnic table, any of our best camping kitchens with a windscreen will make your life significantly easier (and save you an argument). For backcountry campers, this may be the only flat surface available if you’re willing to hike the gear out there!

Once you’ve got your table, check out our favorite ways to make coffee on the trail or some sturdy open fire kettles you can use with coals direct on your new camping kitchen!

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