Best Vacuum Mug for Camping | Keep your Drinks Hot in 2021!

The easiest way to ensure that drinks stay cold or hot when you’re out in the snow, desert, or mountains is to use a great mug! We found the best vacuum mug that will fit your camping needs so that you don’t need to spend your days diving into reviews. Take a look below for the five best vacuum mugs for camping!


YETI Rambler

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Zojirushi Insulated Mug

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EMSA Germany

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Contigo Handled Autoseal

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CIVAGO Insulated Mug

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18 Varieties


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16 oz

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What to Consider to Find the Best Vacuum Mug for Your Camping Plans

Day to Day Use

At the end of the day, the most important factor is going to be what fits your needs the best! If you’re looking for something great for coffee or eating soup, the wider mouthed YETI Rambler might better fit your needs than a tall handled mug like the Zojirushi. The Zojirushi would be far better suited as a dedicated coffee cup for hiking with its lockable lid.

Lid Type

There are two major lid types for the five vacuum mugs on our list:

  • Open Mouth: These mugs – the Rambler & CIVAGO mugs – have open mouths and cannot fully close. These may splash around a little more if on the move but still provide great insulation and easy access. These also have clear lids that help you see exactly what’s going on inside the mug!
  • Lockable: Lockable mugs are helpful in ensuring that there aren’t any leaks if you take your coffee on a hike, but are more difficult to clean than the open mouth mugs


If you need a big cup of coffee to start each morning (or my personal favorite: a hike ending cup of tea!) then be sure to take a look at the capacity of each of these mugs. The largest mug on this list is EMSA’s with 17 oz and each of the other two lockable mugs coming in just behind at 16 fl oz. That should give you about two cups of volume to work with!


As with most of our gear guides – any camper needs to consider the weight of the product before you buy! While these mugs are mostly the same weight, every ounce counts if you are backpacking or planning to take these into primitive backwoods campsites!

1. YETI Rambler

Best Vacuum Mug for Camping

best vacuum mug

Available in eighteen different colors, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Rambler that you like! We think that YETI makes the best vacuum mug for camping with its high-quality manufacturing and wide-brimmed cup. The YETI Rambler is a great all-around mug that can be used for coffee, stew, chili, margaritas, and more without leaving any kinds of smells behind! It’s even dishwasher safe if you like to give everything one last good clean before packing up to await the next trip.

The Rambler has a double-wall vacuum that keeps contents cold or hot pretty much as long as you’ll need to. The biggest problem I’ve had is getting my tea to a cool fast enough to avoid burning my mouth!

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Quick Tip: Be sure to take off and clean the rubber ring that lines the top to make sure that nothing begins to build up behind it.

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Best Vacuum Insulated Mug for Camping

2. Zojirushi Travel Mug

Best Vacuum Mug with a Lockable Top

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The Zojirushi mug was manufactured as a travel or commuter mug rather than for camping around the open fire but its high-quality lockable top and easy to clean design makes it perfect in more settings than the car or train! Constructed with stainless steel and a vacuum insulated interior, this is the best vacuum mug for hikers and backpackers that want to wake up and hit the trails with something hot (or cold).

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Forged with thin stainless steel, this mug has a surprisingly low profile with almost the same amount of capacity as the large plastic mugs you’ll find in stores. The top can be unlocked, opened, and re-locked with one hand, allowing for easy access from backpacks or while hiking. The one downside is it lacks a clear space to hook a carabiner or other kind of secure fastening.

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Best Lockable Vacuum Insulated Mug

3. EMSA Germany Mug

Lightest Vacuum Mug

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EMSA’s Travel Mug is the largest and lightest model on this list. With a unique push to lock design, the EMSA mug keeps liquids locked inside and has a silicon collar that is nicer on the hands during cold mornings. This mug will not leak, no matter where you throw it in your backpack.

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The one downside of using this as a camping mug is the locking mechanism requires a hard surface or second hand to be pushed on making it harder to use on the trail with one hand. Since it has a more traditional shape, this mug is the best vacuum mug for car or lawn chair cup holders if you are the wake and hang type or need to jump right into the car.

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Uniquely Designed Lockable Mug

4. Contigo Handled AUTOSEAL

Best Vacuum Mug with a Handle

If you really want a handle for it to be your best vacuum mug for camping – the Contigo AUTOSEAL should fit all of your needs! With a low weight, high capacity, and firm gripped handle, this travel mug is easy to unlock and use with just one hand. Take a look at the five color options using the link below!

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Best Vacuum Mug with a Handle

5. CIVAGO Stainless Steel Mug

Best Value Vacuum Insulated Mug for Camping

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The CIVAGO stainless steel mug was clearly inspired by the YETI Rambler and seems to hold up fairly well with a more value-focused price. The insulation works well and they offer unique designs not available at most other manufacturers.

CIVAGO’s lid has a diameter about half an inch smaller than the YETI Rambler however it should still be wide enough to use as an open bowl – if slightly less comfortable. If you aren’t sold on the idea of a vacuum insulated camping mug – this is the perfect option to see if you want to upgrade to a higher quality version a year or two down the line!

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Best Value Vacuum Mug

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