Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent | Which is the Better Choice?

Great for families and as some of the best tents for couples camping, deciding between the Coleman Sundome vs Moon Lence Camping Tent can be a hard choice without understanding the key differences between each! Take a look at our reviews to see why one is a clear choice for your next camping trip!

Comparison: Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent

Coleman Sundome

Best Value Starter Tent

Moon Lence Camping Tent

Cheap Beginner Tent

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Moon Lence


Green / Navy

Green / Orange

Capacities Available

2, 3, 4, & 6 People

2, 4, & 6 People


7.17 - 9.75 lbs

5.95 - 10 lbs

Pole Material



Verdict: Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent

In the battle between the Coleman Sundome and Moon Lence Camping Tent – the Coleman Sundome is the clear winner! With a sturdier build, higher quality materials, and extra features at just a slightly higher price, the Coleman Sundome is a much better choice for beginner campers that want to be sure they won’t get wet!

Coleman Sundome Detailed Review

Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent

Coleman has always put out great value products and the Sundome is no different. The Sundome uses a two-pole system for the frame and has mesh walls on two sides of the tent, making this a perfect choice for the summer humidity. Coleman uses thicker fabric than a lot of other value brands that help keep you dry if you get caught in the rain.

Some of the smaller features include two side pockets within the tent for your personal gear and a small pocket intended for running power cords from a generator, car, or electric box into the tent. Bring a power cord and you won’t have to worry about running out of juice for directions on the way home.

We haven’t had the conditions to test this but Coleman claims that the tent can stand up to 35mph winds. Realistically, if the forecast shows any higher than that, you should probably already consider turning home for the weekend!

All of this combined with the reliability of the Coleman brand makes this a great value tent for those getting into car camping!

Moon Lence Camping Tent Detailed Review

Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent Runner-Up

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The Moon Lence Camping Tent is a good tent for beginners trying to save a few bucks in finding their first tent. The tent can hold up in good wind when set up properly, and will also provide protection from most storms with a standard tarp (that is not included with the tent).

There are a few reviews claiming they woke up in a puddle during storms while using the Moon Lence Camping Tent so I would recommend using some water sealant to reinforce the seams and rain fly before your first trip just to be safe. By and large, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a tent of this quality, at this low of a price. For that – I wouldn’t expect it to be your forever tent, but it can definitely get you through your first year!


Coleman is a tried and tested brand for beginners looking for great camping gear at a good value and the Sundome is no exception. Comparing the Coleman Sundome Vs Moon Lence Camping Tent is difficult as either of these tents will get you through the weekend but the Coleman will ease your stress if you get hit with unexpected weather! It is no surprise that the Coleman Sundome also ranks as our best tent for couples camping.

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