Best Double Burner Camping Stove in 2021

Single burners don’t cut it when feeding more than one! Avoid accidentally burning dinner on the open fire by using the best double burner camping stove! Tried and tested, these stoves will give you the power to make the same meals in the woods that you would in the home.

Coleman Classic

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Camp Chef

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Camp Chef

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Best Value

Upgrade Pick

Highest Heat Output

Portable High Heat Stove

Total Heat Output

20,000 BTU

22,000 BTU

60,000 BTU

40,000 BTU

Power Source






11.5 lbs

4.9 lbs

30.5 lbs

12.0 lbs

Sneak Peek: Best Double Burner Camping Stove

Coleman Classic

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  • Great value
  • Reliable heat output except at very low setting
  • Embedded handle in steel frame
  • Decades of proven success with campers

What to Consider when Purchasing a Double Burner Camping Stove

Heat Output

British Thermal Units, or BTU, are the measurement units used to represent the power your burners can produce. Normal home stoves hover between 7,000 and 12,000 BTU while the stoves on this list top out all the way at 60,000; with both burners running, that’s 120,000 units of cooking power! While higher BTU usually indicates more power, that isn’t going to be useful unless the stove is well protected against the wind and able to transfer that heat to your pans (luckily all these stoves come with a windscreen!).


Since you’ll likely be carting this to and from the car a few times, lower weight will make it easier to pack and use! The double burner camping stoves we have found range from only five pounds (the Coleman Triton) all the way up to a whopping thirty pounds! Lower weight can mean higher quality materials or the stove may just have less features.


These stoves come in a range of sizes, from the small and light Coleman Triton to the large free-standing Camp Chef Explorer! The best double-burner camping stove for you is the one that fits your needs. If you are setting up camp for a long period of time, the Camp Chef likely fits your needs better.

If you are looking for a trusty stove for car camping a few times a year, the Coleman stoves might be more up your alley! You can store them easily and move them in and out of the car as many times as needed without having to take too much apart.

1. Coleman Classic

Best Value Double Burner Camping Stove

coleman classic - best double burner camp stove

The Coleman Classic has truly earned its name. Around for decades, this is the stove that many remember (including myself) when they think back to boy scouts, family camping, or bonfires with friends. With a simple but sturdy design, this is the best double burner camping stove for those first looking to upgrade from the unreliability of the open fire and jump into propane.

The stove has adjustable burners that won’t give you quite as much control as you have at home but will still give you enough heat options for the vast majority of meals. With an expandable windscreen, the stove can accommodate small or large pans!

2. Coleman Triton

Double Burner Camping Stove Upgrade Pick

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If you’ve already spent some time with the Coleman Classic and like that style of adjustable windscreen, burner control, and fuel hookup – the Coleman Triton is your ticket to the best double burner camping stove built for the 2020’s.

Weighing in at less than half of any other stove on this list, the Triton is a breeze to carry from the car to picnic table. The real difference that makes the Triton worth the price difference is the updated burner and fuel system. The Coleman Classic has a tendancy to blow out when trying to simmer with too much wind – the Triton’s “PerfectFlow” technology, which they spent about five minutes naming, gives significantly more stability in higher wind conditions with low flame. If you like to make meals that require a perfect simmer – the Triton is absolutely worth the upgrade.

3. Camp Chef Explorer

Double Burner Camping Stove with Highest Heat Output

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Some campers look at the double burner camp stoves by Coleman and scoff at the size. For a full portable stove that you can hook the big tank up to, the Camp Chef Explorer is for you!

This freestanding stove come equipped to connect to a large propane tank and offers a combined 60,000 BTU of power (about 3x the Coleman Classic) to cook literally anything you can fit on it. For the family reunion camping trip or just the group that likes a full diner breakfast on a Sunday morning – the Camp Chef Explorer requires a bit more setup but can be placed on any flat ground and mimics a full stove set-up like at home.

Our chief complaint is you’ll need to splurge extra to get a carrying bag since it doesn’t come with the primary kit. Take a look for more details using the link below!

4. Camp Chef Everest

High Heat Output Upgrade Pick

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The Everest contains two burners with a combined power of 40,000 BTU! For higher altitudes, colder climates, or those that really want the instant start – the Camp Chef Everest packs a major punch in a small package! Almost twice the burning power of the Coleman Triton, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught with wet matches or shaky fingers to get the burners started.

In addition to the matchless instant ignitian, the Everest includes all of the standard features you’d expect from one of the best double burner camp stoves like a windscreen, adjustable heat output, and latching cover. Similar to the coleman stoves, you’ll need an adapter to use with the higher capacity propane tanks.

For some real camp stove power – check out the Camp Chef Everest below!


Now that you’ve found your new camping stove – check out our other gear guides to get you going cooking outdoors! Ready to hit the road? Check out the best campgrounds in Illinois, camping near Chicago, or our other county camping guides!

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