Coleman Pop-Up vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up | Which is the Best Choice?

Deciding between the Coleman Pop-Up vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up can be tough, especially if you’re not sure whether to invest in the upgrade or play it safe with the value leader. We’ve taken a look at the nitty-gritty of the Coleman & Gazelle pop-ups to help you figure out your next tent choice!



Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Portable

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

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Verdict: Coleman Pop-Up vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Tent

In the battle between the Coleman and Gazelle T4 Pop-up tents – the answer is highly dependent on your budget. With a significantly larger living space, sturdier build, higher quality materials, and setup time of just minutes, the Gazelle T4 Pop-Up is a clear winner.

If the Gazelle is a bit out of your price range but you still are looking to try the pop-up life, Coleman runs a fantastic line of value equipment so you can enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank.

Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Detailed Review

Coleman pop-up Vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up

The Gazelle T4 is one of the best designed pop-up tents available on the market. The cube-like structure gives you six and a half feet of vertical space and 61ft2 of floor space! The walls extend outward giving you even more room and helping keep you and your equipment from getting damp from condensation.

The tent sets up much faster than traditional dome or cabin tents but the T4 takes more effort and a little more time than the Coleman pop-up. Since the rainfly and tent itself are two separate pieces and the interior walls need to be popped out, there is just a little more work to do than unzipping and opening of the Coleman.

The real elephant in the room with the Gazelle is its significant weight. the tent weights thirty pounds, over four times the Coleman pop-up! While likely only used for car camping, the weight may be challenging for those who have trouble lifting that much at once. On the other hand, the higher weight can be helpful in keeping the tent grounded in difficult weather.

As tents go, the Gazelle’s ‘puffy cube’ design gives you a luxurious amount of space in an easy-to-set-up package – as long as you can carry thirty pounds to the campsite!

Coleman Pop-Up Detailed Review

Coleman Pop-Up vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Tent Value Pick

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The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is a great pop-up tent for those who are looking for great equipment at a value price. The tent itself is a little tight at full capacity when you have gear included but given its circular carrying case, it is unlikely you’ll be using these pop-up tents for anything more than car camping.

The Coleman pop-up can be unpacked and set up in as little as one minute (even less with practice) and comes with a rain fly that will keep you dry in most moderate rainstorms. The setup requires much less effort than the Gazelle T4, especially with the rainfly able to be pre-installed. We’d recommend using a ground tarp (as we would with most tents) since the ground cloth for the Coleman pop-up is thinner cotton compared to the T4’s polyester.

All of this combined with the reliability of the Coleman brand makes this a great value tent for those getting into car camping!


When faced with the difficult choice of Coleman Pop-Up vs Gazelle T4 Pop-Up, the Gazelle offers luxury at a price that may make you think twice. For the budget-concious, the Coleman pop-up is another great addition to their line of value products that gives you just enough room in a package that can be set up in just a minute on your first time! Its no wonder that both of these tents appear on our list for the best tent for backyard camping.

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