Coleman Pop-Up vs QOMOTOP Instant Tent | The Best Choice for 2021

When comparing the Coleman Pop-up vs QOMOTOP Instant Tent, the answer is clear. One of these tents will get you from car to shelter in under a minute, while the other can hold up to ten for a weekend with family and friends – Take a look below to see which we think makes the best choice!



Coleman Pop-Up Tent


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Best Pop-Up

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Capacities Available

4 People

4, 6, 8, or 10


7.1 lbs

16.75 - 30 lbs

Verdict: Coleman Pop-Up vs QOMOTOP Instant Tent

In the battle between the Coleman Pop-up tents – the answer may depend on if you prefer an easy, reliable setup or need room for all your gear and friends! While only built for four (maybe 3 to be honest), the Coleman has a sturdier build and easier setup making the Coleman Pop-Up a clear winner.

If you’d prefer a similar pop-up design with much more space and standing room, take a look at our comparison of the Coleman Pop-up against our upgrade pick – the Gazelle T-4 !

Coleman Pop-Up Detailed Review

Coleman Pop-Up vs QOMOTOP Instant Tent

The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is a great pop-up tent for those who are looking for great equipment at a value price. The tent itself is a little tight at full capacity when you have gear included, but given its circular carrying case, it is unlikely you’ll be using these pop-up tents for anything more than car camping.

The Coleman pop-up can be unpacked and set up in as little as one minute (even less with practice) and comes with a rain fly that will keep you dry in most moderate rainstorms. The setup requires much less effort than the QOMOTOP, especially with the rainfly’s ability to be pre-installed. We’d recommend using a ground tarp (as we would with most tents) since the ground cloth for the Coleman pop-up is a slightly thinner cotton compared to most tents.

All of this combined with the reliability of the Coleman brand makes this a great value tent for those getting into car camping!

QOMOTOP Instant Detailed Review

Coleman Pop-Up vs QOMOTOP Instant Tent Value Pick

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The QOMOTOP Instant Tent is a great, simple setup, for those who need extra room for their camping experience in a tidy package! The tent goes all the way up to ten people (140 sq ft) or as small as four people (64 sq ft). The four person design has about 10 more square feet of space than the Coleman and a higher max height.

The main concern that pulls the QOMOTOP tent value lower, despite the great space options, is its rainfly coverage. The fly covers a small amount of the top portion of the tent. While Coleman’s rainfly doesn’t cover the full exterior like some tents do, it does overhang significantly further than the QOMOTOPs which almost hugs the very top of the exterior.


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