Best Large Camping Kettles | 6 BIG Kettles to Serve a Crowd

Need to boil water for a crowd? Our selection of the best large camping kettles will help you find the perfect aluminum, enameled, or steel coffee pot for your next outdoor adventure! Large camping kettles ensure you won’t be spending the morning over the stove making brew after brew, leaving you to enjoy your time instead of toiling away over the fire!






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Odoland 4L Camping Kettle

Best Large Kettle

  • Whistling pointed spout

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Includes 4 steel mugs

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Stansport 4.7L Coffee Pot

Largest Camping Kettle

  • Boils up to 20 cups at once

  • Enamel coated structure

  • Steel edging to prevent chips

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Bulin 2.2L Camping Kettle

  • Less than 1 pound

  • Anodized aluminum design

  • Short spout may be challenging

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Farberware 2.8L Percolator

  • Included percolator brews with ease

  • Best for camping stoves

  • Easy to pour handle

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Teton Falls 2L Camping Kettle

  • Compact design

  • Weighs under 1 pound

  • Stainless steel

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Bozeman 2.1L Camping Coffee Pot

  • Incorporated percolator

  • Integrated cover

  • Heat resistant wood handle

Sneak Peek: Best Large Camping Kettle

Odoland 4L Camping Kettle

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  • Holds almost 17 cups at once
  • Whistles when water is ready
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Included set of 4 steel mugs that nest inside the kettle
  • Long spout makes for easy pouring

What to Consider When Buying a Large Camping Kettle


As with any camping gear, the weight is going to be more important the further your planned campsite is. For backpackers, every ounce will make a difference. For primitive campers, you have a little more leeway to choose heavier materials as long as you don’t mind carrying it a quarter mile or more!

The main factor influencing weight is the material the kettle is made of.


There are two types of small camping kettles on this list known for keeping weight down – Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum. Both stainless steel and aluminum are known for being light and suitable for backpacking. Aluminum will conduct metal faster than stainless steel which may affect your boiling time. Stainless steel is very durable and can handle higher heat than aluminum.

Aluminum kettles are significantly lighter (up to 92% lighter!) but cannot stand as high of heat. If you plan to use an open fire, let the fire die down to hot coals or use a shovel to pull some embers out and place the aluminum kettle atop the coals. Aluminum kettles may also be more prone to rusting if they are left wet or exposed to the elements for long periods of time.


The last major consideration is the capacity of the kettle. Keeping in mind that one cup of tea may run you 8 – 16 or even over 20 ounces of water, depending on which type of camping mug you’re using, a couple or small group will need to identify how much they plan to make each time to determine the optimal large kettle capacity without sacrificing a ton of weight.

Detailed Reviews

1. Odoland 4L Camping Kettle

Best Whistling Camping Kettle

The Odoland camping kettle is a great choice for those who want to heat a lot of water in a modernly designed kettle. In contrast to the other large camping kettles on this list, Odolands includes a whistling spout cover so you don’t need to stand there and monitor the kettle. The whistle may be a little aggressive but it will certainly make you take notice! As a stainless steel kettle, this is best used over a camping grill or on a gas camping stove to prevent the heat from getting too high for the metal.

The last feature of this kettle is the bundled camping mugs that come with the set – they can fit inside the kettle itself to reduce the amount of space needed but are made of stainless steel as well and won’t insulate very well. Explore the odoland kettle for your large kettle needs!


  • Ergonomic handle protected from the heat
  • Whistling spout to notify when water is ready
  • Pointed spout to reduce drips or spillage
  • Bundled with 4 nesting stainless steel mugs to complete your camping tea set


  • Pour spout cover prone to breaking off
  • Stainless steel may break under high campfire heat
  • Weighs over 2 lbs

2. Stansport 4.7L Coffee Pot

Largest Camping Kettle on the Market

large camping kettle

The stansport coffee pot is a beheamoth of a kettle that is able to boil up to 20 cups as long as you have the stove to heat it! Offering few bells and whistles, this tried and true kettle has an enameled coating that is easy to clean and tough to break. While prone to chipping, this large camping kettle has exposed steel edges to protect against moderate hits and ensure your kettle can stand up to the outdoors.


  • Makes 20 cups of hot water
  • Enameled exterior with reinforced steel edging
  • Two-handled (top & side) for stability
  • Vintage design


  • Heavier than aluminum kettles (2.5 lbs)
  • Some review complaints about the design of the pour spout

3. Bulin 2.2L Camping Kettle

small camping kettle

While smaller than many of the other kettles on this list, the Bulin camping kettle is a great choice for backpacking groups. One pot is enough for 4-6 people and the quick boiling speed means that making two batches isn’t as cumbersome if needed. Made of anodized aluminum, this kettle is as easy as fill, place, and wait to go from cold to boiling water in ~5 minutes! The main drawback to consider is the short spout design that can be difficult to use if you’re trying to use the ground as your primary surface (instead of a picnic table for example).


  • Smaller than other kettles on this list but still holds 6 – 7 cups
  • Incredibly light (under 1 pound)
  • Anodized aluminum is easy to clean, won’t rust, and conducts heat very quickly


  • Short spout may be challenging to pour at specific angles
  • Lid may require holding to prevent it from falling as you pour

4. Farberware 2.8L Yosemite Percolator

Best Large Kettle with Percolator

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The Farberware Yosemite percolator is built to make a lot of coffee! Able to hold 20 cups, this brewer is stainless steel with a balanced handle for easy pouring. With the integrated filter, there are no extra steps after the brewing is done to get between you and your cup of joe! The glass knob on the top is clear enough to see when percolating has completed to help you time your brewing right and get the best tasting cup in the outdoors.

The major drawback of this percolator is the proximity of the handle to the bottom of the pot discourages use over an open fire. Check out these open fire kettles if you plan to boil water using that type of heat source!


  • Included percolator makes brewing coffee a breeze for a group
  • Dishwasher safe for when you return home
  • Easy to pour handle design


  • Best used over a gas stove instead of open fire due to handle design
  • Reports of the glass knob breaking (covered by warranty but may take time to replace)

5. Teton Falls 2L Camping Kettle

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The Teton Falls camping kettle is a larger backpacking kettle that weighs less than a pound! Our smallest ‘large’ camping kettle on this list, the Teton Falls kettle can safely brew 4 -5 cups of coffee in the thin but strong stainless steel pot. The stainless steel handles fold onto the kettle to reduce the size needed when stowed away. With no heatproofing, there is no risk of melting from high heat but you may need a towel or glove to safely remove it from an open fire.


  • Small size with moderate capacity
  • Weighs < 1 pound
  • Entirely stainless steel design


  • No heatproofing on the handle
  • Smallest capacity on this list

5. Bozeman 2.1L Camping Coffee Pot

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The Bozeman camping coffee pot is a percolator coffee pot that can be used over a small fire or on a gas stove to make coffee or heat water easily in the great outdoors. While smaller than our other large camping kettles, the integrated percolator and glass top makes this one of the easiest kettles to use to make coffee. The Bozeman pot contains no plastic to prevent easily breakable parts but the wood handle may wear down faster than an aluminum or steel handle will.


  • Brews up to 9 cups safely
  • Incorporated percolator makes brewing coffee easy
  • Integrated cover won’t fall off the kettle
  • Heat resistant wood handle


  • Wood handle not flame resistant if using over open fire
  • Smaller capacity than other coffee pots on this list
  • No top handle to help steady while pouring


Are these kettles too large? Check out our favorite open-fire kettles or smaller camping kettles for more options for your next trip!

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