Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Review | Finding the best cup for camping

Want to know if Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee will work for your next camping trip? We’ve been testing any instant coffee we can get our hands on to find the best black coffee you can brew in the great outdoors.

Summary | Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

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Verdict: Not Recommended

  • Unpleasant flavor
  • Somehow causes a dry mouth
  • No aftertaste (good!)
  • Easy to make large amounts of
  • No single-use packaging
X is #X on our best instant coffee for camping list. See #1 here!

How We Tested

Our instant coffee testing process is the same for all of our instant coffee reviews. We follow the directions provided on the packaging to mimic the average camper’s experience. We heat water on our Coleman gas stove to just before boiling and then use that hot water to brew the coffee right in a mug. We don’t add any milk or cream so that we’re only tasting that 100% pure instant coffee flavor!

Detailed Review: Folger’s Classic Roast Instant Coffee


Coffee Taste

Not great. Following the directions to the letter produced a bitter cup that somehow dried my mouth every time I took a sip. The taste did get better throughout the cup but I still did not enjoy it compared to a normal cup of Folgers or other coffee. I would describe the taste as slightly burned, sour, and distinctly ‘instant coffee’


Surprisingly no poor aftertaste which actually does improve on the entire experience. Most instant coffee’s we’ve tried have a lingering unpleasant flavor that can ruin any initially pleasant taste. The Folger’s classic roast has almost no aftertaste other than the dryness that lingers in your mouth after each sip.

Coffee Packaging

The Folger’s classic roast that we selected came in a larger plastic container with a wide mouth. This packaging can be great for camping as it won’t break, can support a whole family, and it doesn’t produce a lot of garbage like single-use pouches do. The size is a little large for any backpackers or other non-car campers

Ease to Make

As with most instant coffees, this was as simple as heat water, pour onto a tablespoon of coffee, and stir! Very easy to make but not quite as simple as the single-use packages. The advantage of a larger container gives you flexibility if you don’t usually stick to the traditional 8oz coffee cup and prefer to go for 1.5 tablespoons instead.

Verdict | Not Recommended

With the taste and flavor issues present, we would NOT recommend Folger’s instant coffee for any campers out there. You’d be better off running to Dunkin Donuts before everyone else wakes up in the morning than trying to work your way through the 120 cups we bought.

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Robbie is a Co-Founder and editor at Midwest Camping. Robbie has backpacked over three hundred miles of the Appalachian trail, visited seventeen national parks, and camped regularly for the last two decades.

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