14 Tips to Finding the Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Camping Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are great times to pick up some new camping gear as retailers look to offload end-of-season inventory and take advantage of the busiest shopping day of the year! We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for finding the best outdoor camping deals for this holiday season so you can find the best price possible!

Pressed for time? Go straight to our actively updated Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals page for a list of the best deals from Amazon, REI, Backcountry, Patagonia, and more!

14. Start Early!

This year, REI won’t be open on Black Friday Instead, it encourages everyone to #optoutside and have started their holiday deals earlier than other retailers. Make sure you’re checking REI, Patagonia, and other retailers starting at the beginning of November to avoid missing out on any great offers!

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13. Make a Plan

I start writing down my Black Friday list in October as I stop buying and start delaying buying new hiking clothes or updating gear since we know there will be deals coming. I can wear those boots just another few weeks longer to be able to save 30% on the same pair I would have bought if purchased a month earlier. Grab a post-it (or something bigger) to keep that running list going all the way up till the deals start.

12. Make a Budget

Avoid wallet pains after your shopping spree by pairing a budget with your plan and trying to keep to it! While this can definitely be easier said than done, knowing what your budget is can both help prevent you from worrying during Black Friday and afterward!

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11. Exchange your Email for Savings

Give out your email ahead of Black Friday (or on the day) to get 10-30% off at some retailers! You might need to unsubscribe later but places like Backcountry.com offer significant discounts for signing up for their making list that can get you full priced items on the cheap.

10. Check Price-Matching Policies

Some retailers will offer improved prices compared to their competitors so take a moment to search price matching policies for your favorite retailers. Backcountry will even beat any competitors price by 5% making it the absolute best option for almost any product they offer.

Price Matching Policies (As of Nov 21)

  • Backcountry – Beats prices by 5%
  • Bass Pro Shop – Beats prices by 5%
  • REI – Does not price match
  • Patagonia – Does not price match
  • Amazon – Does not price match
  • Camping World – Price matches but not for Black Friday / Cyber Monday
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9. Be Prepared by Bookmarking

Avoid wasting time going through google by bookmarking all of your favorite retailers and products as you make your shopping list! That way you just open it all up, click ‘add to cart’, and avoid too much browsing that can push you over your budget!

8. Check Social Media

Some retailers will offer special or limited-time deals directly on social media. To make sure you have the best options possible, don’t forget to follow your favorites on Twitter and Facebook!

7. Use Credit Card Rewards

If you’ve been building up credit card reward points for travel that just hasn’t happened yet – consider using those rewards as cash at retailers for gifts or a gear upgrade! Many credit cards have reward options to either convert points into gift cards or spend them directly (such as Chase points). See what your bank offers ahead of time to avoid missing out!

6. Check Out the Older Model

Trying to make your dollar stretch a little further this year? Take a look at last year’s model for backpacks, tents, and other big-ticket items for a steep price discount as retailers put things on clearance to empty the stock ahead of the next camping season. Prior models are usually only slightly different and almost always have the 90% of what you’re actually looking for just missing a couple of bells and whistles.

5. Avoid Sketchy Sites

If you’ve never heard of the site before Black Friday, its probably safest to just close out and try again. There are thousands of scammers out there looking to take advantage of the rush of Black Friday shoppers to swindle people out of their budgeted shopping spree. Avoid being scammed by sticking to known retailers and double-checking anything that’s ‘too good to be true’.

4. Seek out Promo Codes

The best deal might not be the one on the front page! Do a quick Google search for promo codes and discounts, or use an extension like Honey to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

3. Double Check the Model Number

Black Friday is notorious for having lower quality products as the best deals so be sure to double-check that the tent or backpack you’re buying is the same one you’re expecting! The best way to do this is to check the model number as that should be different if the underlying product has changed.

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2. Enjoy from the Outdoors

The secret to a fantastic Black Friday is getting out of the house and away from the malls. Since everything can be done as long as you have a good cell signal – take the opportunity to go camping or make a picnic and spend the day at the park shopping outdoors!

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1. Black Friday Isn’t Just for Products

While most jump for electronics, clothing, and traditional outdoor retailers on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, there are deals to be found in lots of other places! Subscription services like Good Sam roadside or your favorite franchise campgrounds or RV dealer may have deals that aren’t available at other times of the year.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday are already in full swing for 2021 so check out our deals page for the best savings today!

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