Featherstone Backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up Ultralight Tent | Which is the Better Choice?

It can be hard to know which tent will be the best to keep you warm and safe out in the wilderness! The Featherstone backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up Ultralight tent battle is challenging but one tent pulls ahead by just a hair!

Comparison: Featherstone Backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up

Featherstone Backpacking

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Naturehike Cloud-Up

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Capacities Available

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Verdict: Featherstone Backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up

When faced with the choice between the Featherstone Backpacking and Naturehike Cloud-Up Ultralight Tend – the Featherstone Backpacking tent is the close winner! Both tents keep the weight low and will hold two people and gear through the wind and rain but we prefer the Featherstone’s side door style and slightly wider footprint if you and your friend or significant other will be trekking through the wild together!

Featherstone Backpacking Detailed Review

Featherstone Backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up

The Featherstone backpacking tent is a two-person, three-season tent that weighs only four pounds. The Featherstone includes a built-in vestibule on both sides, providing two exits and a large amount of space for your gear and shoes outside if you want the space inside for yourself! This tent is the same length as the Cloud-Up but gives you another half foot of clearance when it comes to width.

Set-up is a breeze with the single-pole frame, so you won’t have to tangle with figuring out which pole is longer than the others at the end of a long hike, drive, or ride. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the thick fabric making up the bottom of the tent rises well above the normal floor in a ‘bathtub design’ that helps prevent leaks at the seams.

Naturehike Cloud-Up Ultralight Tent Detailed Review

Featherstone Backpacking vs Naturehike Cloud-Up Tent Runner-Up

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The Naturehike Cloud-Up employs a different structure that is more similar to a dome tent than most backpacking tents. They have managed to get the weight down to below five pounds (less than four pounds for the one-person model!) but that does come with a couple of sacrifices. The tent only has one exit but does have a higher peak height than the Featherstone.

While not functionally important, the Naturehike does have the added benefit of coming in far more color styles so you can really stand out on the campground (or blend in if you’re looking for a shade of green). If you’re willing to forgo that extra vestibule space, would prefer the dome-style construction, or don’t mind only having one exit near your head/feet – this tent could be right for your next backpacking trip!


At the end of the day, this one may come down to personal preference on which type of design you’d prefer. We lean towards the Featherstone with its double door, single pole, and high quality build. It is no surprise that the Featherstone also ranks as our best value backpacking tent for couples camping!

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