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Worst Tent Brands 2022

4 Tent Brands to Avoid

When buying a tent, be sure to avoid these tent brands to keep you safe from the elements on your explorations outdoors (and avoid waking up in a puddle)! These tent brands to avoid may not hold up to the stresses of the rain and wind so opt for one of our recommended brands instead! … Read more
Best Tent Brands 2022

10 Best Tent Brands for Camping

When buying a tent, choosing from one of the best tent brands is important to keep you safe from the elements on your explorations outdoors (and avoid waking up in a puddle)! Overview How to Select the Best Tent Brand for You Type of Tent There are a few types of tents to select from, … Read more
Black Friday Cyber Monday Tips

14 Tips to Finding the Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Camping Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are great times to pick up some new camping gear as retailers look to offload end-of-season inventory and take advantage of the busiest shopping day of the year! We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks for finding the best outdoor camping deals for this holiday season so you can find … Read more

10 Types of Tents for Camping | Benefits & Pitfalls of the Most Common Types of Tents (with Pictures)

Trying to decide which out of the many types of tents will keep you safe and warm in the great outdoors? We’ve pulled together the ten most common tent types (with pictures) to help you find your perfect shelter! From low-ceiling backpacking tents all the way to veritable mansions ones with multiple rooms – you’ll … Read more
Used Camping Gear Near Chicago

Where to Find Cheap and Used Camping Gear Near Chicago

Camping in Illinois doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to find cheap or used camping gear! There are plenty of people and companies out there selling used gear or even renting it if you’re just trying the outdoors for the first time. Take a look at our roundup of the best places … Read more