Best Blackstone for Camping | 5 Griddles for Explorers

Bring the diner out to the woods by finding the best Blackstone for camping, however you like to camp and cook!

Camping grills haven’t seen much change until the Blackstone griddle popped up a few years ago – Most gas grills needed pans or extra accessories to cook a burger when the wood is wet, adding to the amount of gear you had to bring each time. That changes with a griddle where the only clean-up is scrape and go!

We’ve found the five best Blackstones for camping that help bring these heavy grills to the outdoors with ease.

Sneak Peek: Best Blackstone Griddle for Camping

Best for Most: 22 Inch Tabletop Griddle

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  • Two separate heat zones
  • Tabletop style is flexible and low-weight
  • Uses standard 1lbs propane tanks
  • 339 sq inch of cooking surface to cook for 2-6

Upgrade Pick: Flat Top Griddle Station

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  • Largest ‘portable’ option with 470 sq inches of cooking area
  • Includes storage shelf, prep area, and trash holder
  • Two heat zones for versatile cooking
  • Collapsible and includes wheels for transportation

What to Consider

First, let’s take a look at all the important factors you should keep in mind when buying a Blackstone griddle for camping. These factors include weight, portability, and size.


Since Blackstones are built with cast iron tops, all of them are going to be much heavier than your other camp stoves. The lightest Blackstone on this list is 21lbs while the highest tops out near 90! While some of these come with whee, all will need to be taken in and out of the car at some point so ensure you have the ability to load up a 90-pound piece of equipment or stick to tabletop models to start!


How far you need to go from car to campsite is going to be critical in picking the right camping griddle. Since all of the Blackstones are fairly heavy, the design of the griddle is going to be your main differentiator.

These Blackstones come in a few styles:

  • Tabletop: Coming in 17-inch and 22-inch versions, these are made to sit on top of a picnic table. Lowest weight but you’ll be on the ground if you don’t have anything to place the griddle on at camp
  • Fixed-Leg: These griddles come with legs but use a fixed structure that folds out. These usually have more storage or shelving available but require flat ground to operate right. The Blackstone ‘On the Go’ and Griddle Station are examples of these.
  • Adjustable-Leg: The Blackstone Tailgater has four individually adjusting legs which allows you to easily use the griddle on unstable ground

Camping Griddle Tip

To lower the weight and give yourself even more flexibility – consider an open fire griddle that can be placed over the campfire or on a gas camping stove!


The most obvious factor is size – you need a griddle that can keep up with your needs! Cooking for a couple can be very different than cooking for a family, especially if you need to cater to a diverse set of preferences. Having a larger griddle means more space and more heat zones so you can cook larger amounts or more different types of foods at the same time. If size is your main concern – the largest Blackstone’s suitable for camping are the Blackstone Griddle Station (feeds 2-8) or one of the 22-inch Models (feeds 2-6)

Detailed Review

Keep your individual weight, portability, and size needs in mind as you dive into these five Blackstone griddles we think are best for camping.

22 Inch Blackstone Tabletop Griddle (1666)

Best Blackstone for Camping



  • Two separate heat zones
  • Tabletop style easy to set up on picnic tables and keeps weight as low as it can
  • Compatible with standard 1lbs propane tanks
  • 339 sq inch of cooking surface


  • Like all Blackstones, this still weighs over 30 pounds making it hard for any type of primitive camping
  • If you don’t have a picnic table, you’ll be using this on the ground

The 22-inch tabletop griddle is the larger brother of the 17-inch model, packing 24K BTU in a fairly small package, this griddle stands above the smaller one by having two different heat zones. This provides control on each side so you can use high heat to sear those steaks while cooking eggs or keeping veggies warm on a lower setting right next door!

If you’re cooking for more than two, the 22-inch model has 30% more cooking area than the 17-inch and will save a lot of time when cooking for a small group. Be sure to bring a couple extra propane tanks as the larger Blackstone will use up more fuel with double the burners!

17 Inch Blackstone Tabletop Griddle (1650)

Entry Level Blackstone for Camping

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  • Tabletop style easy to set up on picnic tables
  • Lowest weight of all Blackstones at 21 lbs
  • Compatible with standard 1lbs propane tanks
  • 260 sq inch of cooking surface


  • Only one heat zone
  • If you don’t have a picnic table, you’ll be using this on the ground

The 17-inch tabletop griddle is the smaller of Blackstone tabletop models but still gets you very far with its single large heating zone. You may not be able to get the corners as ripping hot as a larger Blackstone but the tradeoff means that this griddle is almost 10 pounds less than the 22-inch upgrade! This griddle is a great option for couples camping together or the weekend solo camper who doesn’t need a ton of space to upgrade their camping kitchen.

Blackstone Tailgater Grill/Griddle Combo (1555)

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  • Multiple setup types from grill and griddle to grill and boil for the most versatility of any Blackstone
  • Two separate burners
  • Wide table-leg design pops up cooking surface in seconds and compacts for easy storage
  • Adjustable legs for better standing on uneven surfaces


  • No wheels – you’ll be carting all 75 pounds on your own two feet
  • Requires larger propane tanks

The most unique Blackstone on this list, the Tailgater series is a grill and griddle combination but with even more optionality. Both the griddle and grill can be moved or shifted around depending on your cooking needs. Each side can also be used as a normal gas range, exposing the burner underneath for more efficient heating of pots to boil water and more. The two sides have different burners, giving you more power when you need it using a cast-iron burner on the left and a steel H-burner on the right.

Flat Top Blackstone Griddle Station (1517)

Upgrade Pick

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  • Largest ‘portable’ option with 470 sq inch of cooking area
  • Includes storage shelf, prep area, and trash holder
  • Two heat zones for versatile cooking
  • Wheels to help cart this 70lbs beast around


  • Despite compact folding, will still take up a fair amount of trunk space
  • Like all Blackstones, this thing is heavy
  • Requires large propane tank (could be a pro!)

The largest Blackstone on this list, the Outdoor Griddle Station packs 34K BTU on a surface large enough for more than 40 hot dogs at once! This is the right investment if you’re used to camping in a large group. While initial setup will be a bit heavy, once the station is assembled – you’ll be able to store the entire camping kitchen in one place, including garbage!

The griddle station is the best Blackstone for family campers looking to upgrade for the season.

‘On the Go’ Blackstone Scissor-Leg Griddle (1935)

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  • Wheeled stand with easy setup, takedown, and transportation
  • Two separate heat zones
  • Includes side cooking shelf for prep
  • Compatible with standard 1lbs propane tanks
  • 339 sq inch of cooking surface


  • Needs flat ground for scissor-leg stand
  • Wheels help but it’s still 85 pounds and will take up a fair amount of trunk space

The Blackstone ‘On the Go’ griddle is essentially the 22-inch tabletop griddle housed in a scissor-leg stand. The stand truly upgrades the entire experience by giving you a side shelf to aid in prep and keep essentials close by during cooking. The wheels help cart the griddle from car to campsite without having to carry it the whole distance. The whole package secures into a luggage-style wheeled dolly that fits right into your trunk (with some planning).

The griddle offers the same specs as the 22-inch model, packing 24K BTU across two different heat zones. If you’re worried about carrying your griddle around the campsite or that you might not have a picnic table – the ‘On the Go’ is right for you!

Conclusion: Best Blackstone for Camping

While each Blackstone model will fit different needs, we think the tabletop options are the best for most campers! Combined with a regular gas camping stove and you’ll have 3-4 burners to create an entire kitchen on a picnic table in the great outdoors. If you are a large group camper looking for an upgrade – the Griddle Station packs all the head you’ll need in a compact setup.

Happy grilling!

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