Dome Tent vs A-Frame Tent | Which is Best?

When comparing a dome tent vs a-frame tents, they each offer similar entry-level options great for any skill camper but there are some key differences that may matter if you’re looking for the most comfortable camping experience.

We’ve broken down the major similarities and differences of common tent types to help you make the right decision for your next outdoor adventure.

Dome Tent vs A-Frame Tent

First, let’s break down each type of tent:

Dome Tent

dome tent vs a-frame tent

One of the most common tent types, the dome tent is distinguished by having two crossed poles anchored in the four corners to form the tent frame.


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The A-Frame tent is distinguished by its triangular prism design which uses a rectangular floor, two A-frames on the ends, and a cross pole in order to form the tent frame.

Major Differences

The biggest difference between dome tent vs a-frame tent types is the interior spaces created by the different pole designs. Since the A-Frame only has one cross pole, the sides have to use a steep angle that closes the space off at the top of the tent. The dome tent’s two cross-pole design allows it to stretch more at the top. This means that dome tents can handle more people and some are even tall enough to stand in.

A-Frames also have rectangular footprints as opposed to the dome tent square floor space. Square floors allow for a bit more gear space and avoid the tent walls touching anything as they slope up into the cross pole.

Each tent type has a two-layer design to repel rain and should offer similar levels of protection.

A-Frames have more poles than the average dome tent and usually are more challenging to set up than most dome tents that only have two poles for many designs.

Best Uses For Dome & A-Frame Tents

Each of these types of tents is good for most normal camping situations but the dome tent is going to usually offer an easier and more convenient experience!



Family Camping

Car Camping


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