The Complete Guide to Camping in Illinois State Parks

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We know that navigating the different rules across the state can be difficult so we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about camping or RVing in Illinois State parks. Let us know if you have any more questions for us to add!

Can I smoke cannabis / marijuana / weed camping at Illinois State Parks?


Unfortunately, the state laws for IL prohibit ‘public consumption’ of weed in Illinois. While the DNR hasn’t provided a specific ordinance against it, it is likely that smoking or consuming cannabis would be subject to a fine unless you have a medicinal card. Given that camping attracts all ages and types of families, consider picking up less disruptive types of marijuana, like edibles, if you must bring something for your weekend in the state parks.

Can I drink alcohol camping in Illinois State Parks?


In most state parks, alcohol is prohibited on the campgrounds. To check your specific site rules for alcohol, take a look at this page on the DNR website. In any case, as long as you aren’t disruptive or openly displaying your goods, we’ve never had issues in the past (but understand what your local DNR rules & penalties are before taking any risks!)

Can I get a refund after camping at Illinois State Parks? What is the refund policy?


According to section 130.80 of the DNR rules, refunds for camping and utility fees can be requested for unused time as long as the request is made by the registered camper within seven days of departure. Note that they may take off one night of the camping and utility fee if you cancel a reservation after their cut-off date (usually about three days before but check your reservation).

How many cars can I park at each IL State Park campsite?

Two cars per tent or trailer campsite. If you have motorcycles, you can either have two motorcycles or two motorcycles and a car parked at each campsite. Vehicle campsites are similar except you can also park the camper or RV itself without counting it as a car. If you’re in a primitive site, you can only keep your bike, canoe, or snowmobile with you.

Can I bring my dog or cat camping at the state parks?

dog camping IL state park

Yes! The only place you cannot bring your furry friend is into any of the Rent-A-Camp cabins. Just be sure to keep them on a leash! While the DNR doesn’t have any specific guidance on cats, they are presumabely bound to similar rules and regulations. If you’re looking to bring your pet in the winter, there are a number of private campgrounds with cabins nearby parks across the state. Check out our state guides to find the best one for you!

Can I smoke at Illinois State Parks?

smoking IL state park

Yep! Smoking tobacco is permitted as long as you’re adhering to the normal state guidelines around building entrances whenever nearby camp stores, restrooms, etc.

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